January 2017: There are currently NO puppies at this time. Check back at another time.

Purchase Companion Puppy

$ 1200.00 USD

Cost of the puppy including health certificate, one year guarantee and  AKC limited registration. Copies of CERF and OFA of parents provided as requested. Sign and send 'COMPANION' contract below.

Purchase Show Puppy

$ 1500.00 USD

Show prospects on approval only. Qualified show home. Includes one year guarantee, AKC full registration. Sign and send 'SHOW' contract below.

All Puppies will be AKC Registered. 
Go to this link to complete registration online:
A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 down in required to hold any puppy or dog.
Placing a deposit or payment in full implies agreement to the Purchase Agreement.
(See Contracts Below)
We recommend feeding NutriSource Super Premium Puppy/Dog food for Small to Medium Breeds.

 Your puppy will become a valued family member we recommend insurance through the American Kennel Club.


Purchase Agreement/Release from Liability *CLICK HERE FOR EMAIL VERSION*
The following agreement is between Rhonda Mink, hereafter referred to as Seller and_______________________________hereafter referred to as Buyer. This contract is for the sale and purchase of ONE purebred AKC registered dog of the American Cocker Spaniel breed as follows:
Rhonda Mink Sole Proprietor of Shadowcast Cockers.

This agreement is constructed on:
On this_______ day of _________________, ________ the above described puppy was directly transferred to:
New Owner “Buyer”:
Address: _______________________________________________________
City______________________ State_________________ Zip_______________
Phone: _____________________ Alternate_______________
Email: ______________________________________________
Purchase Price of Puppy USD $ ___________this price excludes shipping or driving expenses.
A ½ down NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve your puppy.
Puppy Breed: American Cocker Spaniel
Date of Whelp:
State of Whelp: California.
Coat Color:
Registry AKC:
Use of the puppy/dogIt is agreed between Seller and Buyer that this dog is being acquired as for family use of the puppy/dog OR it will be registered with the AKC using the name of "Shadowcast Cockers" as a show dog. It is agreed between Seller and Buyer that if this dog is being acquired as a family companion only, the dog will be used for tasks appropriate to its breed. Purchaser further affirms that he/she will not resell this dog, give it away or buy any means provide it to a flea market, auction, pet store, wholesaler, or commercial distributor of dogs, or to any commercial or hobby dog establishment, such as another dog kennel, or for laboratory use nor will it be used for any activity for which it is not suited by reason of temperament or structure. The Buyer also agrees not to ever abandon the puppy/dog, or surrender it to a shelter.

Naming your puppy: All puppies names will begin with Shadowcast's and then the name that you provide. The Buyer agrees that he/she will not alter Shadowcast's on the papers if hard copies are given of the AKC papers. When you get your Dog Registration Application it must contain Shadowcast's as it is very important in pedigree research that this be included.

AKC Limited Registration papers are offered on most puppies, unless otherwise agreed upon. At times we sell our puppies with NO papers. Full Registration papers only go to breeders with proof of being an AKC breeder for at least 2 years and show homes or prior agreed arrangement to have full registration. AKC papers can be sent by US Postal Service, or via email hard copies do not need to be provided. You are able to register them online.

Health RecordVaccinations given by Breeder per age. It is mandatory that the dog is given proper medical care. You will need to get the rest of the full series of shots at your cost through your vet. Wormers given by Breeder I recommend re-worming again at a later age.Health Record will be given to you. This contains your health record for your puppy/dog please keep this copy for your records.

1. All puppies and dogs are sold as companion animals, or show. Our puppies and dogs are sold as breeding prospects or show prospects upon agreement by ShadowcastCockers and the owner. 
We do require that your dog will not need to be spayed/neutered if it is sold as a companion animal. This certificate of spay/neuter is to be given to me, a copy, for completion of proper AKC registration. We do guarantee that this puppy for one year from any genetic disorder. If your vet has determined the dog has said genetic defect that proof must be offered to me in writing.
2. The puppy is defined to be an American Cocker Spaniel puppy/dog.
3. The puppy/dog is able to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Also according to the Procedure code through AKC under a chapter breeders do have up to 6 months to supply a Dog Registration Application or otherwise known as AKC Papers on the said dog. The breeder agrees to register the litter. The Buyer can easily register the puppy online. The AKC's registration process is the easiest way for the new owners to become part of the AKC's community of responsible dog owners which helps support important work that the AKC does. Simply go to AKC.org. (Click the link)
4. Breeder hereby sells and transfers breeder’s interest in the puppy /dog in a healthy condition.  Buyer recognizes the breeder makes no warranties regarding the future condition of the puppy.  Breeder will provide a Vaccination Record for the puppy. Buyer does release ShadowcastCockers from any and all responsibilities related to illness, injury or damage that may result in transfer of puppy from our kennel to your home.
5. If shipping is required, the breeder is not responsible if the puppy/dog is injured, lost, stolen, killed, or occurs health problems. The breeder does not assume any liability for injury of the said puppy/dog after the date of shipping/meeting. The buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.
6. We do not guarantee your dog may not have tinged pee stained/yellow-brown coat. Some puppies and dogs are learning to lift their leg and some male dogs mark the females. Some dogs and puppies also walk through poop/pee, roll in it, and lay in it. NO MATTER HOW FAST YOU PICK IT UP! Once it gets on a white coat it is hard to get out, either cutting it out or letting it grow back. We do not guarantee this dog/puppy will have a perfect haircut. We are professional groomers and we will groom your puppy prior to pick-up. Your puppy will come with a groomed coat. It is required to continue to have groomed the coat of your cocker. Hair does grow quickly. By signing this agreement you understand that you lose the right to be offensive or comment on the type of hair cut given to the dog/puppy by ShadowcastCockers.
7. We will never refund any shipping charges, gas, lodging, time or loss wages for any reason. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN INCLUDING CHARGE BACKS ON CREDIT CARDS OR REFUNDS THROUGH PAYPAL NO EXCEPTIONS!
8. Breeder is not responsible for ANY charges incurred by buyer including vet bills once the puppy/dog leaves the breeders possession. If for some reason something medically such as illness or death but not limited to does happen to your puppy/dog – You agree by signing this or placing a deposit down or payment in full. You agree that breeder will not be sued, filed against or try to be rewarded any type of compensation for emotional distress, mental distress, emotional distraught or any type of pain and suffering you will be agreeing to no type of damages will be sought.
9. We are not responsible for charges for health exams, vaccinations including rabies and nasal vaccinations, prevention or treatment of parasites internal or external. All veterinarian care, charges or fees in diagnosing or treatment of any illness or disease, disorder is the responsibility of buyer. Health care for your puppy is the sole responsibility of the Buyer. The breeder has no control over the puppy’s/dog new environment, exposure, food intake, veterinarian care and socialization once it leaves breeder’s home and breeder’s possession. Your puppy was given proper environment, exposure, food, socialization and veterinarian care while at ShadowcastCockers in our kennel.
10. We do not guarantee against all defects. We do not guarantee against allergies or skin problems including primary keratinization disorder and seborrheic dermatitis or any type of dermatitis including mange, thyroid dysfunction, cherry eye, any type of hernia as hernias are known in the cocker breed. We do not guarantee that we will notice if your puppy/dog will have an hernia or not as some times they are unnoticeable at times. We do not guarantee against any type of anemia or autoimmune disorder especially those caused by environmental factors. We do not guarantee against any eye problems including dry eye, blindness, hereditary cataracts including juvenile cataracts-any cataracts, any type of eye infections, or scratches/scars on the lenses or eye itself, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, PRA (Progressive Retinal Dysphasia) or any chronic eye problems. We have properly screened the puppies lineage at great expense to avoid significant issues. We do not guarantee against parasites such as cocidia, giaradia this is including but not limited to or internal or external or heartworms. We do not guarantee against parvo virus or any other type of canine virus or diseases. We do guarantee that we docked your puppy's tail. We do not guarantee reproductive organs including being cryptorchid or being a hermaphrodite. We do not guarantee against unilateral luxated patella’s or bilateral luxtated patella’s or any other patella issues, ligaments issues including ligament ruptures, dislocations of any sort especially against joints and muscles, muscle issues, alignment of joints, muscles, tissues, bones of any sort, any parts of thigh, hips, legs or knees including hip dysphasia, slipping stifles including arthritis or any type of spinal issue. We have carefully screed the puppies parents for this potential condition. We do not guarantee against tumors or cancers. We do not guarantee against diabetes of any kind, epilepsy or seizures of any type. We do not guarantee against any types of strokes including but not limited to ischemic or hemorrhagic. We do not guarantee against any type of heart defects including disease and but not limited to Class 1 or Class 2 heart murmurs. We do not guarantee any major organs. We do not guarantee against bites or teeth problems including under bites, overbites, malocclusion, occlusions, anterior cross, posterior cross, wry but not limited to other type of bite or orthodontic issues, including periodontal disease at any stage, we do not guarantee teeth do not need removed. We do not guarantee against lip fold pyoderma, cleft palates, cleft lips or harelips, removal of tonsils, hemophilia, liver disease, deafness/hearing, ear mites or ear infections including chronic ear infections, bites/teeth as well as submissive urination. We also do not guarantee against feeding lice/fleas/mites and ticks infestations or poisoning, environmental differences/changes, training and/or behavioral problems or accidents.
11. No way shape or form is shipping including airfare, crate and health certificate any or all charges associated with Shipping ever to be returned or partially given back as those are charges assessed by airlines.
12. We cannot guarantee temperament of any dog or puppy. We can only tell you how they have acted in the past and how they acted with me. The new owners will also have to be very consistent at training to make this pet as their ideal dog. I recommend proper/professional training of your puppy. It usually takes anywhere from a couple days, a week, or even longer to bond with your new puppy, showing the new family member safe and consistent loving care and that you are good people. Imprinting or bonding has nothing to do with temperament it has to do with adjustment.
13. We do not guarantee any dog or puppy that we are not the breeder on, this may include dogs that we bought for possible breeding, pet, or show. They are sold “As Is”.
14. We also cannot guarantee correct bites on any dog/puppy. Puppies especially as since puppies mouths change so much one day you can have a perfect bite and the next day it can be off. Puppies do not get their permanent teeth until they are many months old. We also are aware a puppy may bite in response to teething or instinct. There is no need to vaccinate yourself in this case puppies of this age can not transfer rabies.
15. Our Right to Refuse Sale-Shadowcastcockers and I, Rhonda Mink absolutely have the right to refuse sale of any puppies/dogs or provide services to any person at any time for an reason even if you have placed a deposit on a puppy/dog or payment in full. Since you are agreeing to this there will no fee’s or money owed because of our legal and natural right to refuse sale, such as emotional loss, distress, missing out on another puppy, your loss of time, etc. These are examples. Some of the reasons for NON-SALE are to include but not limited to.
* Puppy didn’t clear health certificate, I do not think the puppy is ready to go, health issues, attachment issues, or I decided I want to keep the puppy.
* Including finding information about you that was not disclosed prior to the sale or during the sale process, like you say you have two dogs but you have 10, or there is a reason I believe it is a bad idea for the puppy/dog to send them to you. 
For any reason I decided to not sell you a puppy/dog your deposit or payment in full if it is our fault will be returned to you. If you bought a puppy, once the whole litter is sold we will refund you the money or sooner. If you purchased an adult, the money will be returned to you within 12 weeks from our written notice that we will be returning your money.
16. The Cocker breed has issues of health issues and with that said not all Cockers are perfect medically or otherwise. Neither may they from us although every effect has been made to better the breed. If something medically is wrong with your puppy/dog we ask that you not slander my name or the name of ShadowcastCockers. By signing this you understand that you are not to go to public with such slander such as but not limited to Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Websites or any other public areas where you can speak your mind about the issue you may have with your pet including contacting other breeders or contacting others who own dogs from our kennel. Work out any issue with me-Rhonda Mink I stand behind my puppy/dog as a Breeder of Merit with over 25 years of competent breeding.
17. I do require that you spay or neuter and I highly suggest that you look into your options and consult a licensed vet in your area. In some cases many organizations offer programs that offset that cost. It is imperative that you be a responsible owner. AKC has an insurance policy that will cover the cost in year one. 
18. If for ANY reason, natural disaster, divorce, death, allergies, or medically you are unable to care for your puppy/dog or you no longer desire the animal, contact me the breeder immediately. Together we will decide a plan for placement. As breeder by signing this contract or agreeing to this contract I get right of first refusal which prevents the dog to be resold without my approval or knowledge. If I decided to take the puppy/dog back YOU MUST include all paperwork such as all vet records, rabies, if the dog has fixed documents for that need to be provided. If I agree to take back the animal, it will be at no charge to me. All the costs to return the dog/puppy with be the Buyers expense. Failure to do so may result in action to reclaim possession of the said animal and the buyer agrees to be held responsible for any and all cost incurred by me to do so. By agreeing to this contract you agree not to sell, trade or transfer the dog without written consent from the Seller-Rhonda Mink. If you ask for written notice the puppy/dog needs prior approval, meaning the I will contact the person whom your considering for placement to ensure the puppy/dog will be well taken care of. The breeder has the right to refuse the written request. If I do find that you have sold, traded or transferred the puppy/dog without a written notice and prior approval there will be a fee/fine assessed to you for the amount of $1,000.00 any and all attorney fees will be the responsibility of the buyer. By no means do we want our puppies/dogs to end up in the pound, shelter, rescue or worse.
19. The Buyer will either have to have the puppy/dog shipped by an airline approved by the Breeder or the Buyer will meet Breeder at an agreed location. We will not allow transportation of our puppies/dogs by providers such as Commercial Ground Transporters or any Third Party including other breeders. Either way, this will be at the expense of the Buyer.
20. Breeder also does not guarantee against stress-induced coccidia or giardia, which can be caused by stress, changing food or water supply, among other causes like transportation stress.
21. By signing this contract you are giving permission to ShadowcastCockers to use any photographs that we took from birth to the time they go home and any photos that you or your family have taken, we are able to use them in way we see fit. Examples are placing them on our website or other social media including print ads.
This constitutes the complete agreement between Rhonda Mink of ShadowcastCockers “Breeder” and "Buyer" i.e. You.
All puppies/dogs are that purchased will considered sold in Fresno, California regardless of the location of the buyer. The venue of any litigation concerning this Agreement or transaction shall be in the county of Fresno and may not be litigated in your state or your county.
Signature & Acceptance of the Breeder is automatically implied.                                                             
Electronically Signed is acceptable upon agreement with Rhonda Mink i.e. Breeder.